Monday, February 2, 2015

As number of Georgian wine producers reaches 100, Hvino to update information on winemakers

02.02.2015. Hvino.com has been keeping our own information data base on Georgia's wine industry since launch. Recently our list of Georgian wine producers has reached 100 companies. This is an amazing figure for a small country, confirming the unique product diversity of the Georgian wine market.

At the same time, Hvino's readers - from Georgia and the rest of the world - are frequently asking for more precise information about Georgian wine producers, and especially about the newer brands, which keep on emerging.  While several dozens of largest companies sell their wines through popular retail chains and present them at regular wine fairs, other names are less known, and their product information is hard to find. International users cannot find the information in the internet, or the winemaker's websites are under construction. Are all the 100 wine producers active?

This is why Hvino decided to offer more detailed information to our readers. Our list of Georgian wine producers will be extended, including the fresh statistical data on wine production, export, and other information on wine manufacturers for 2014.

We are now asking all the Georgian wine producers to provide their updates. Please, contact us via e-mail, our facebook, or simply by commenting below. Just tell us your production volume for 2014 in liters or bottles. Optionally, you may also add your export data and other details, which also will be included in our table.

All the updates will be immediately published. If we are unable to receive any updates from certain companies, after several reminders such companies will be marked in our list as "sleeping".

We wish to thank in advance all the Georgian wine producers for their cooperation, and hope to offer the renewed and extended data to our readers as soon as possible.

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