Friday, April 1, 2016

American brandy maker to use clay bottles according to Georgian qvevri technology

01.04.2016 (Hvino News). American distiller Pearl Rock will use ancient Georgian qvevri technology to produce high-quality brandy.  

Last month Hvino News reported that Georgia's patent authority Sakpatenti registered unique method of whiskey distillation using traditional qvevri  - Georgian earthenware vessel (read more here).  

The  U.S. producer Pearl Rock Wine and Brandy Company,  which has bought the  Georgian patent, is planning to use clay vessels for bottling brandy.  According to company press release, "Clay bottles  are a revolutionary concept for brandy distillation industry, which builds upon the centuries-old qvevri tradition, known in the country of Georgia". 

Pearl Rock decided to use clay bottles only for its top product - 12 years matured brandy. 

It is not known if  Pearl Rock would be importing  clay or bottles directly from Georgia, or use local material.

According to Qvevri Manufacturers Association, several other American and European distilling companies  showed interest in Georgian technology.   "Negotiations are underway with Olmeca Tequila, Torres, and two French cognac brands about exporting Georgian clay", explained the representative.

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