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Why "Hvino"?
"Hvino" (or "ghvino") is Georgian word for wine, pronounced hweeno. Historians say Latin "vinum" derived from it, confirming Georgia as birthplace of winemaking. With over 7000 years of cultivation they call Georgia the cradle of wine.

Our  Testimonials

The excellent Hvino News web site.
 Robert Linkous, Georgian News TV

The indispensable Hvino News website.
 Yigal Schleifer, Eurasianet.org

Thank you for providing such an excellent English-language 
source for news on the Georgian wine industry.
Robert Taylor, Associate Editor, WineSpectator.com

A very interesting and needed initiative.
Michael Agniashvili, GeoWine

Hvino News is a specialized information resource on Georgian wine. Hvino News, Hvino-Novosti, Georgian Wine Catalogue  are published by independent consulting agency Artenom Georgia Consulting (AGC). They are the pilot projects of web portal Hvino.com.

News submissions are welcome from winemakers, experts, and other professionals at: editors[at] hvino.com. Advertising requests are welcome at: advert [at] hvino.com.

Hvino News is the official media partner of ProWein (Germany),  ProWine China, and other important international wine events.

Hvino News™ is a registered trademark, and the site's contents are ©2012-2019 Copyright by Artenom Georgia Consulting (AGC) and respective media sources as mentioned. All rights reserved. Our news articles may be reposted with hyperlink references to source. Please ask for permission before utilizing any other site's contents.

Our press release:

Welcome to "Hvino News" - first English-language information resource on Georgian wine
"Hvino News" - first English-language online news resource on Georgian wine - was launched at news.hvino.com to assist in global promotion of Georgian wine industry.
Tbilisi, May 1, 2012. "Hvino News", the first and currently the only English-language online news resource on Georgian wine was launched on May 1.  Hvino News will help in international promotion of  Georgian wine industry by uniting all news, press releases, and media articles in English "under one roof".
Why "Hvino"? The word "Hvino" (or "ghvino") is Georgian for wine, pronounced "hweeno". The new website can be found at:  http://news.hvino.com.
According to the editor of Hvino News, "the purpose of our news service is to create a single, convenient source of information on Georgian wine industry in English (and, thanks to our built-in site translator - in 54 other languages). Another convenience of Hvino News  is easy access by all modern means: you can use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, subscribe to RSS-channel, or simply subscribe to receive our news via email to your inbox."
Another good news is that publication of news coming from professionals is free. Press releases and articles from winemakers, traders, retailers, wine experts and other professionals in English are welcome. The publishers of Hvino News also offer assistance in preparation and editing materials, if necessary.
Hvino News became the first realized part of Hvino.com project.  Hvino.com is planned as a comprehensive information service on Georgian wine, and will include a high-quality printed magazine, and an online database on Georgian winemakers, brands, distributors and retailers to make it easy to shop across the globe.
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