Monday, February 4, 2013

Georgian delegation heads to Moscow to discuss wine exports

04.02.2013 (Hvino News) A seven-member Georgian delegation left here on Sunday for Moscow to start the country's first official visit to Russian Federation since August 2008. Levan Davitashvili, head of the delegation, told the press at the Tbilisi International Airport that the delegation would present Georgian wines in Moscow.

"We'll hold presentations about the (quality) control mechanism of the food and wines in Georgia ... how the product is controlled in Georgia; how the export is certified ... and then it will be discussed what further steps should be taken to return Georgian products to the Russian market," said Davitashvili. "Apart from wines, mineral water exports will also be discussed and on the next step -- fruits and vegetables," Davitashvili added.

Tengiz Kalandadze, deputy chief of the Georgian state food agency, told the press that the Georgians would be ready to talk with Russia's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. Members of the Moscow-bound Georgian delegation also include Davit Grigolia, chief adviser for the Georgian state wine agency, deputy head of the national food agency Tengiz Kalandadze, head of the phytosanitary department of the national food agency Zurab Lipartia, Executive director of the association Georgian Wine Tinatin Kezeli, chairperson of Georgian Wine Giorgi Ramishvili, Director of Fruit and Vegetable Company Giorgi Jakhutashvili.

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