Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Association of wine exporters created in Georgia

19.02.2013. The export of Georgian wine to Russia will be conducted by the new Association of Exporters of Georgian Wine, tasked with the dissemination of reliable information on Georgian products in Russia, as well as the organization of contacts between Georgian producers and Russian companies and importers.

Presentation of the Association of Exporters of Georgian Wine was held in Tbilisi by Georgiy Seturidze, head of Center for Georgian-Russian Economic Cooperation. The new trade association was established by several wine producing companies.

As Seturidze noted, Center for Georgian-Russian Economic Cooperation will provide consulting and professional assistance to the new association.

"There are a lot of factors hindering exports. Individuals and companies often spread incorrect information about Georgia, and, in particular, about contractors, producers, prices and terms of payment. This association was established in order to provide registration and certification of Georgian production by Onishchenko's institution for further exports," Seturidze said.

According to him, a letter will be sent on Wednesday to Rospotrebnadzor with notification of the goals and objectives of the Association and expression of readiness for cooperation.

The Association of Exporters of Georgian wine is going to work closely with both the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and its member organizations, and with Rospotrebnadzor and other Russian organizations.

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