Thursday, September 7, 2017

Winners of First International Competition of Qvevri Wine revealed

07.09.2017 (Hvino News). During the 4th International Symposium of Qvevri wine, The First International Competition of Qvevri Wine  was held at Ikalto Qvevri School-Academy.  150 wines from Georgia, France, Serbia, Slovenia and others countries competed for 22 Gold, 20 Silver and 29 Bronze Medals, which were awarded recently  at Ikalto Monastery Complex.

Gold medals were won by the following wines:

✔ Beroza Wine Cellar  Saperavi Dry Red 2015;

✔ Giuaani  Mtsvane Qvevri Dry White 2014;

✔ Binekhi  Saperavi of Qvevri Red Dry 2015;

✔ Binekhi  Mcvane Qvevri  Dry White  2015;

✔ Makashvili Wine Cellar  Cabernet Dry Red 2016;

✔ “Glekhuri”  Rkatsiteli Qvevri White Dry 2015;

✔ “Kasreli”  Chitistvala White Dry 2016;

✔ Koncho&Co  Mtsvivani Kakhuri White Dry 2016;

✔ Koncho&Co Kisi Qvevri White Dry 2014;

✔ Duruji Valley  Saperavi Qvevri Red Dry 2013;

✔ Duruji Valley  Rkatsiteli Qvevri White Dry 2013;

✔ Manaveli  Mtsvane Premium Qvevri White Dry 2015;

✔ Monastery Wines  Mtsvane Qvevri Dry White  2015;

✔ «Sagvareulo Marani» Saperavi Dry Red 2016;

✔ Tchotiashvili Vineyards   Rcheuli Qvevri Mtsvane Dry White 2015;

✔ Tchotiashvili Vineyards   Rcheuli Qvevri Khikhvi Dry White 2014;

✔ Chelti Estate Winery  Chelti of Qvevri White Dry 2016;

✔ Vita Vinea  Kisi Amber Dry 2014;

✔ Dakishvili Family Selection Amber Dry  2015;

✔ Dakishvili Family Selection Red Dry 2015;

✔ Avtandil Bedenashvili Wine Manufacture Tsarapi Dry White 2014;

✔ Avtandil Bedenashvili Wine Manufacture Tsarapi Qvevri Dodo, Dry White 2015.

The wines, which have won Gold Medals at the competition, will be presented  at the World Wine Civilization Center, Bordeaux, France, where the exhibition "Georgia - The Cradle of Wine" is being held.

The members of the jury were:

  • Giorgi Samanishvili - Head of National Wine Agency, Georgia
  • David Chichua - Scientific-Research Centre of Agriculture, Head of Department, member of Georgian National Committee, Georgia.
  • Giorgi Dakishvili – Head winemaker at ‘Schuchmann Wines Georgia’, member of Georgian National Committee, Georgia.
  • Ketevan Jurkhadze – Director of  Wine School ‘Kabistoni’, member of Georgian National Committee, Georgia.
  • Liza Granik MW, USA

The symposium was organized and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, National Wine Agency, Georgian Wine Association, and Alaverdi Metropolitan David.

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