Saturday, May 23, 2020

Caucasian Journal and Hvino News offer free advertising as support for businesses, call for other mass medias to join

http://english.caucasianjournal.org/We know that many businesses – both small and big – are impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19. Many companies face a long road ahead as they try to rebuild themselves following the lockdown. In this difficult time, we believe that businesses must show maximum support to each other.

We’ve listened to businesses to understand how we can support them. Caucasian Journal and its sister business news sites including Hvino News and Hvino Novosti decided to give companies struggling in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic free advertising.

From 22 May all the companies in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan are eligible to apply free banner advertising to use across the Caucasian Journal and our sister business news sites including Hvino News and Hvino Novosti

The successful applicants will be matched up to a dedicated account manager for full support. Caucasian Journal will also offer free graphic design support if necessary. The duration of free advertising period will be limited to one month per one company.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Read the latest from Caucasian Journal: Caucasus during coronavirus pandemic, and world after COVID

Read the latest articles from our sister project Caucasian Journal:

CJ dedicated several articles to coronavirus, and added a special COVID page to our main menu: This page is equipped with widgets where readers can find real-time data on COVID situation in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. "Georgia follows Japan trajectory," - argues an expert. See our COVID data widget below.

Economic and political aspects of the coronavirus pandemic are in focus of CJ's recent interviews with Director of World Bank for South Caucasus, and Director for Global Program at International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (former director of NDI Georgia).

The Swedish response to COVID-19 is in the focus of the world's attention today. But how does it feel to recover from coronavirus in a Swedish hospital? And when the patient happens to be a former ambassador to Georgia Per EKLUND, Caucasus Journal is especially keen about his comments.

Do you care about improving quality of life in South Caucasus? Are you concerned about quality of education, air pollution, or road safety? Then you might want to know how the same problems have been solved in other countries.  CJ has published exclusive interviews with top experts on reforms in city management, clean energy, school education

Below you may find real time statistical data on corona virus situation in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan:

You are welcome to use this COVID widget for your page. Contact us to get embedding code.

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