Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dugladze wine label design ranks first in a recent Top 10 line-up

23.03.2016 (Hvino News). The Dieline - one of world's leading websites on package design - has featured Georgian wine label design Ranina on first place in last week's Top-10 line-up.

Ranina is a wine brand of Dugladze Wines & Spirits, developed in cooperation with Branding.ge, a Georgian brand consulting company. Branding.ge worked out name of brand, slogan, positioning, packaging conception and design for the Dugladze company.

Director of Branding.ge Levan Koberidze explained to Hvino News, that inspiration of brand name has its origin from Georgian songs. “Ranina” is the refrain word which is often met in Georgian traditional singing.

"Ranina is associated with good mood, joy, feast and overall with Georgian character. Rich Georgian culture, miniatures, ornaments, emotional and folk mood characters became the inspiration source for brand’s visual identity. Ranina is for all those who love Georgian wine, feast, joyful mood and Georgian character, regardless of income, age or social class," - said Mr. Koberidze.

Ranina is the second Dugladze's brand featured by Los Angeles-based The Dieline. Last year the US design resource covered a brandy package design from the same manufacturer.

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  1. This label is beautiful. It resembles ancient Mayan artwork a bit. You can see where the artist draws his influences from.

  2. Nice label thinking to write a review about this label

  3. The label of bottle is awesome :)


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