Thursday, September 7, 2017

Official: 8 months' data of wine and spirits export

07.09.2017 (Hvino News). According to official data, in January-August 2017, 45,3 million bottles (0,75l) of wine have been exported to 44 countries worldwide, that is 61% higher than the similar data of the last year. In the period under review, 100,3 million USD worth of wine have been exported, that is 55% higher than the data of previous year.

Top five importers are: Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland.

“According to the export data of 8 months, wine export has grown by 61% compared to same period of previous year. Wine realization income has grown by 55%. Georgian wine sales has grown to EU, South-East Asia, USA and other countries, which is a result of coordinated work and well planed marketing activity of the Ministry of Agriculture, National Wine Agency and wine sector”- stated Giorgi Samanishvili, the head of National Wine Agency.

Appellation wine leaders are: "Kindzmarauli" - 7 752 470 bottles,  "Mukuzani" - 2 478 937, "Tsinandali" - 1 959 406, "Akhasheni" - 861 185, "Khvanchkara" - 451 034, "Tvishi" - 172 358, "Napareuli" - 121 986.

In addition, 9 758 746 bottles (0,5 liters) of brandy have been exported to 20 countries worldwide, that is 103% higher than the similar data of the last year. Totally, 21,85 million USD worth of brandy have been exported, the growth compared to the similar data of the last year is 98%.

In the period under review, 132 746 bottles (0.5 l) of  chacha have been exported in 17 countries worldwide, growth amounted 153 %. Income from export amounted 367 757 USD, the growth compared to the last year is 85%.

Totally, wine, brandy, chacha, wine material income amounted to 165,34 million USD – 52% growth in comparison with the similar data of the previous year.

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