Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Another group of wine experts from USA led by Julie Peterson visits Georgia

26.09.2017 (Hvino News). Another group of wine experts from USA led by Julie Peterson has just visited Georgia. Julie Peterson heads Marq Energie marketing agency, which is contracted by Georgia's National Wine Agency's to support Georgian wine promotion in USA.

“Americans are becoming very interested in Georgian wine, - Ms. Peterson commented, - In fact, this year exports are already up about 70%, so it's very exciting that this tradition has becoming of such high interest in the US and not only the tradition, but the very wines.”

This is already third delegation brought to Georgia this year by Marq Energie. Previous visits were organized last May and June (read more: US wine experts are exploring Georgian wine and American wine professionals visited Georgia, respectively)

The group of wine professionals included sommeliers, wine writers, and importers. The visit was organized by National Wine Agency.

Georgian wine authorities consider USA as a "potentially growing and important" export market for Georgian wine. According to 8 month data of this year, 286 thousand bottles of wine have been exported in the US, which is 67% more than in last year.

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