Thursday, September 14, 2017

Debra Meiburg leads Chinese wine professionals visiting Georgia

14.09.2017. (Hvino News) A group of wine importers and journalists from China is visiting Georgia for a week. Guests will see wine cellars and companies in Kartli, Kakheti, Imereti, Guria and Samegrelo.

The 13-member group is led by the wine master Debra Meiburg MW, who is the contractor of the Georgian National Wine Agency.

"I am once again in one of my favourite countries as I want to present Georgian wine to the Asian market. I want to introduce them to the culture that is behind [Georgian] wines, also the people, food and hospitality, character and history that makes these wines so special. I am excited that we are visiting the country during the grape harvest period and are able to taste grapes directly from the vineyards,” said Ms. Meiburg, - "It's wonderful to be in Georgia during the harvest, it's such an exciting moment, we can taste grapes from first hand, and really better understand the fruit strait from the vine to really better understand the skins and the flavours and everything that goes into making these wines so special."

According to the head of National Wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili, it is very important for marketing strategy to bring as many wine professionals and interested people to Georgia as possible to introduce them to ancient Georgian wine culture. "This group also consists of such professional wine importers and journalists. The articles written by them will be important for the growth of Georgian wine awareness on the market",- stated Giorgi Samanishvili.

China remains the strategic export market for Georgian Wine. According to 8 month data 2017, over 5 million bottles have been exported, that is 51% higher, than the similar data of the previous year. China is the second in top five countries of Georgian wine export.

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