Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Georgian wine hits Chinese wine store shelves

19.09.2017. For the first time ever, Georgian wine will be sold at the stores of Cheers Wines in the Chinese capital of Beijing reaching a market of 22 million consumers.

From today on, locals or guests living in Beijing will be able to buy Georgian wine at the stores of Cheers Wines, announced the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Cheers Wines is a Chinese wine import company headquartered in Beijing with partner stores throughout China.

In order to promote Georgian wine Cheers Wines will hold wine tasting events in its 45 stores, where all people will be invited to sample Georgian wine for free.

Cheers Wines was founded in China in 2008 by the Masueger family, originally from Switzerland, who had been in the wine business since 1898.

China remains one of the largest importers of Georgian wine.

Between January and August 2017, over five million bottles of Georgian wine were exported to China, says the Georgian National Wine Agency. This is a 51 percent increase in comparison to the same time period in 2016.

With these numbers, China takes second place as the largest importer of Georgian wine.

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