Thursday, October 19, 2017

Georgia will present wines at MegaVino in Brussels

19.10.2017 (Hvino News). Nine Georgian wine companies will present their products at the annual MegaVino fair in Brussels.

This year the wine exhibition in Brussels will be held for the 19th time on October 20-23 at the Brussels Expo.

The MegaVino exhibition is the main event dedicated to wine in the Benelux countries and one of the main events in the wine industry. It attracts both professionals and connoisseurs.

List of Georgian winemaking companies:
  • Kakhuri Gvinis Marani
  • Mosmieri 
  • Qimerioni
  • Shilda Winery 
  • Vaziani Company
  • Georgian Wines 
  • Mildiani Family Winery 
  • Chateau Nekresi
  • Dugladze 

Badagoni wins trademark case in China

19.10.2017 (Hvino News). On October 18, Georgian wine company Badagoni held press-conference at Tbilisi's hotel Biltmore, where the main theme was an important lawsuit of Badagoni.

Last year Badagoni applied to register its brand in China, but it was found out that the trademark of Badagoni was already registered there by a Chinese company. Badagoni made a complaint against that company, and won that case to trademark its wine in China, protecting the name and quality of its wines from misuse and imitation in the country. The dispute was resolved in favour of the Georgian side and the registration of the Chinese brand was cancelled.

This was the first case of a Georgian company winning trademark dispute in China. Chairman of the National Agency Giorgi Samanishvili, Chairman of Sakpatenti Nikoloz Gogilidze, founder of Badagoni Giorgi Salakaia, and lawyer Davit Asatiani spoke about the case at the press conference.

Last year China recognized the geographical indications of several Georgian wines including Khvanchkara, Tsinandali and Kindzmarauli as well as Georgian chacha, a strong spirit similar to grappa.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Saperavi World Prize 2017 – Why is it good for Georgia?

18.10.2017. Soon Tbilisi will host  “Saperavi World Prize” – the first Georgian wine contest for foreign winemakers. Saperavi wines produced around the globe (even in far-away Australia and News Zealand) are being shipped to Georgia, where they are to be judged by country’s best winemaking experts.

Caucasian Business Week is among official media partners of Saperavi World Prize (“SapPrize”). We have received questions from readers about this new event, and contacted the organizers for answers.  Inge Olsson of Georgian wine news is manager of Saperavi World Prize. He kindly agreed to answer our questions.

– These Saperavi wines are produced abroad. Why are they important for Georgia?
– Saperavi is the most famous Georgian variety. In Georgia it’s a legend, but in many countries it is not known. If we want Georgia to sell its products at global market, we must use all opportunities to promote everything Georgian, and of course Saperavi. The winemakers who produce Saperavi wines in USA or New Zealand are doing a very good job for Georgia. And Georgia must not only show its appreciation, but stimulate a wider use of Saperavi in the world.

The words “Saperavi” and “Georgia” must be heard often, to become familiar to international consumers. In result, more people will buy Georgian products. So, Georgian producers will gain direct benefits.
–  What other benefits or advantages are there for Georgia in this project?

Georgia will establish itself as main authority in this sector of winemaking, it will act as consultant to everybody interested in Georgian wine varieties and technologies (for example, qvevri technology). Georgia must position itself as a “hub”, encouraging people to come here, seek information here, apply to Georgians for expertise, etc. Georgia is one of the most ancient centers of winemaking, but this will remain just a phrase, if we do not install motivational mechanisms. Saperavi World Prize is one of such mechanisms. It can be followed by master-classes, or other educational projects.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Official: 9 months' data of wine and spirits export

06.10.2017 (Hvino News). In January-September 2017 Georgia exported 52.7 million bottles of wine to 45 countries, up 63% year on year. In the reporting period, the total exports value made up 116 million USD, up 55% year on year.

“According to the export data of January-September 2017, wine export are up by 63% compared with the same period of the previous year. Wine realization income has grown by 55%, that gives the possibility to make a prediction that at the end of the year a record number of wine will be exported from Georgia. Export growth is remarkable in the countries of European Union, Asia, USA and other countries, which is a result of coordinated work and well planed marketing activity of the National Wine Agency and wine sector”- said National Wine Agency's head, Giorgi Samanishvili.

According to National Wine Agency, exports have increased in the following countries: China – 44% (5537261), Russia – 95% (33243157), Ukraine – 54% (5322683), Poland – 14% (1869852), Latvia – 36% (1141778), Belarus – 34% (1054994), the USA – 81% (346398), Germany – 28% (286156), Israel – 305% (170834), Mongolia – 182% (112710), France – 321% (96790), Azerbaijan – 102% (102 342).

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Forbes": Georgia's tourism strategy is starting to pay off

by Stephan Rabimov

04.10.2017. Georgia takes its tourism seriously, very seriously. Just ask Jesper Black. When the Dutch tourist landed at Tbilisi International Airport becoming the country’s six millionth visitor in 2016 he was whisked away in a Mercedes sedan for a red carpet welcome and private dinner with Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili. The agency behind the campaign to mark the country’s milestone even created a website for Georgians to vote on which national dish should be served to the six millionth tourist, khinkali dumplings or chkmeruli chicken?

Clearly having jumped from 2.8 million visitors in 2011 to six million in 2016 is a big deal in this former Soviet Republic situated between Europe, Russia and the Middle East. And suddenly it feels as if it’s on every traveler’s radar. In 2015, Georgia ranked 25th on the New York Times’ 52 Places to Go. New flight routes have launched from cities around Europe and this year Georgia made Conde Nast Traveler’s list of hottest upcoming wine destinations.