Friday, October 20, 2017

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking to open store in Prague

20.10.2017. Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking plans to open a store in Prague, Czech Republic, the company head Zurab Chkhaidze told Business Course.

In 2016 the company set up KTW Europe subsidiary in Czech Republic, which supplies products to the Czech market. The new store will open in three months, he said.

Advantage of the European representation is that the company is able to receive small orders and this strategy is justified form the economic point of view, Zurab Chkhaidze said.

Nobody will send vehicles for 20-30 boxes from Georgia, while small volume may be bought on the local market, the company director said.

At the European representation the company sells wines, brandy, and food products under Nena brand.

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