Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jacques Fleury: Georgian wine industry needs a different approach

Photo: The Messenger
08.11.2012. In terms of revenue wine production is the biggest part of Georgian agricultural industry. Historically wine was the biggest export for Georgia until the Russian embargo on various Georgian products (active since 2006) cut off its main market. Since then the Georgian wine industry has had to rebrand itself in the search for other markets. Georgian newspaper The Messenger met with Jacques Fleury, director of Chateau Mukhrani, who is also Vice-President of the Georgian Wine Association. He shared some of his thoughts with the newspaper:

“Now the Georgian wine industry produces a high quality product but there is a lot of competition around the world and unless some very serious measures are taken in the direction of marketing there will be no serious results. Special efforts should be taken in the direction of worldwide promotion of Georgian wine. The quality of Georgian wines is up to international standards. But the general public doesn't know much about Georgian wine, either in Europe, Asia or further afield. A professional, solid and aggressive marketing policy should be launched for promoting Georgian products abroad.

Wine producers and the Georgian government should unite to attract solid funds for this purpose. The government also has to make it easier for international finance organizations to fund the Georgian wine industry. This strategy is exercised by all countries, specifically those who are taking the first steps in this direction. Georgia has to apply this experience for its needs. The country does not have to invent something new; it has to follow the established rules of the game. Every good product needs solid promotion and marketing. Of course it might be expensive but eventually it will pay back,” - said Jacques Fleury.


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