Monday, November 12, 2012

"Hvino News" Contest results: Miss Georgian Wine 2012 announced!

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In August Hvino News announced Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest, supported also by Georgia Today newspaper. Our readers have been voting - by "liking" on our special Facebook page - for the best photograph presented to our Contest. The Contest, which lasted through November, was open to everyone whose work was related to Georgian wine.

Now it is our great pleasure to announce the winner of Miss Georgian Wine 2012!  And the winner is Sopho Kherkheulidze. The organizers wish to thank all the contestants who submitted their photos, and all the readers who have voted.

Sopho Kherkheulidze works at Sarajishvili Company - the famous brandy and wine manufacturing enterprise. Our sincere congratulations to her! The winning photo is presented here.

The winner will receive a unique and original prize - Hvino News will report about it in a separate article. Update: read the article about the award here.

The 2012 Contest is over, but the good news is that we are immediately starting the new one - Miss Georgian Wine 2013!

New photographs are welcome to the Miss Georgian Wine 2013. Simply email us one photo, at Miss[at]artenom-cfe.com, telling your name and how your place of work/study is related to wine.

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