Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Hvino News" announces Miss Georgian Wine Contest

It's August, and for many of us it is vacation time. Hvino News is a business site, but we do not want to be boring when everybody else is having fun.

We offer to spice up the routine with... a beauty contest. We hope it adds spirit of very healthy competition to wine business. Hvino News is pleased to announce the first Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest!

The terms of Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest are very simple:

The Contest is open to everyone whose work is directly related to Georgian wine - winegrowers, employees of wine companies and organizations, distributors, retailers, exporters, wine journalists and experts, wine teachers and students, staff of wine guesthouses and travel agencies, and other professionals.

How to participate: Simply email us 1 (one) photo, at Miss[at]artenom-cfe.com, telling your name and how your place of work/study is related to wine.

Requirements: No group photos, no sunglasses. Inappropriate photos will be filtered out. And yes, to participate you need to be female. Marital status and country of residence are not important.

Procedure: Miss Georgian Wine and vice-miss are selected by open, democratic, and fully transparent procedure: by number of  Facebook "likes". All participating photos will be displayed is the special section of Hvino News Facebook Page. You may "like" one or several photos. The photos with maximum total number of "likes" will be winners. To vote, you need to have a Facebook account, which is free to sign up.

Winners of our Contest will be awarded with prizes from Hvino News and sponsors. If you are a company interested in sponsorship, please contact the organizers at the above-mentioned e-mail.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera or iPhone and get ready for the time of  glory! It's your chance to become celebrity. Welcome to Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest, and good luck. Please help us to spread this information by sharing with your friend who might be interested.

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