Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Georgian wine quota in Turkey remains unused

08.08.2012. One million quota envisaged for Georgian wine companies in the Turkish market remains outstanding, reports Radio Commersant.

In the framework of free trade agreement enacted between the two countries on November 1, 2008, Georgian wine companies can bring 1 million liters of wine per year to Turkey without paying customs duties. However, part of Georgian wine companies, despite interest towards the Turkish market, have failed to use this quota in neighboring country, because of absence of reliable partners.

Telavi Wine Cellar company explained that Turkish companies are not interested in Georgian wine and refuse to buy and sell the product. Kindzmarauli Marani  notes that it is difficult to find partners in Turkey, while organization of export is associated with  large expenses.

A note from Hvino News: Turkey has its own strong wine industry - the country has world’s fourth largest grape growing area and was fifth in the world in terms of total grape production in 2011.

Source, Hvino News

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