Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Georgian President to reside in Kakheti during grape harvest

22.08.2012. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili intends to reside at his country house in Kvareli [in Kakheti Region, where the President also has own vineyard - HN] during harvest time and monitor the process of grape deliveries to wineries. Grape harvesting will begin on August 25 this year.

Saakashvili said wineries have received the appropriate instructions on receiving grapes from the vinyards. The president noted that it is necessary to carry out the harvesting despite the natural disaster in Kakheti.

It is planned to collect only 90,000 tons of grapes instead of previously expected 130,000 tons, depleted due to the natural disaster in Georgia.

As a result of yesterday's heavy rain and wind dozens of homes are flooded in the Kvareli and Lagodekhi regions. Heavy wind blew off the roofs of many houses in the village of Chumlaki village in the Gurjaani municipality. The Lagodekhi district also suffered as a result of the natural disaster.


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