Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Armenia and Georgia disagree over slogan "Cradle of Wine"

01.08.2012. (Hvino News) The Union of Wine-makers of Armenia intends to challenge the recent EU's decision to register the brand "Georgia - the cradle of wine" (read more: "Cradle of Wine" is registered by Georgia as a brand name in EU" and "Financial Times" on Georgia's marketing policy: "Cradle of Wine" slogan needs more time to ripen). 

At the present time the representatives of the Union of Wine-makers of Armenia are studying the procedure of filing an appeal. As noted by the Chairman of Union Mr. Avag Harutyunyan, not only Georgia can claim the status of "the cradle of wine", but also other countries in the region, primarily Armenia.

Armenian archeologists agree that in Georgia there are facts which prove the antiquity of the local wine. But for the moment the wine-making complex in Areni is considered the world's oldest, discovered during excavations "Areni-1" in 2011. According to the Director of Academic Institute of Archeology and Ethnography Mr. Pavel Avetisyan, both Georgia and Armenia can be considered the cradle of wine, as well as Iran, and even part of Azerbaijan, in view of the fact that the relevant archaeological materials have been found in all these countries.

Meanwhile, Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the EU has already issued the appropriate protective document that assigned Georgia the right to prohibit companies of all other countries to use word combination "cradle of wine" without permission. First of all the ban concerns the export to the European Union. Armenia exports wine only to Germany, France, and Belgium.

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