Sunday, August 12, 2012

Promoting Georgian Wines in the Philippines

12.08.2012 (Hvino News) Honorary Consulate of Georgia in the Philippines posted information about meeting of Georgia's Consul Thelmo Cunanan with a group of Manila-based wine merchants, distributors, and experts. Leading the group was Mr. Lester Harvey Jr., President of Zen Asia Inc., one of the leading wine distributors in the country.

The event, entitled “A Light Liquid Lunch”, was aimed at introducing new wines to the group for possible retail and distribution in the Philippine market. The wine merchants brought bottles mainly from South Africa. Consul Cunanan, however, brought a bottle of white wine (Manavis Mtsvane 2010) from the Teliani Valley in the Kakheti region of Easter Georgia. It was the first time Philippine wine distributors tried Georgian wine and the first initiative at introducing Georgian wine to the local market. The experts agreed that the Teliani Valley wine was an interesting but rather young vintage and quite different in body and style from western European or traditional New World bottles. They expressed interest to try other Georgian wines, which Consul Cunanan is set to bring back to the Philippines.

Consul Thelmo Cunanan is a journalist and travel writer, management consultant, businessman, entrepreneur. He is a graduate of  Manila University and has an MBA from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Prior to his appointment as Consul (a.h.), he was the founding member and Executive Director of the Philippine-Georgian Business and Friendship Association, Inc.

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