Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Agriculture Minister: Russian market is very interesting despite risks

13.11.2012 (Hvino News). Georgia's Agriculture Minister David Kirvalidze believes that no matter what are the risks of Russian market, it is very interesting. The minister said that wineries must diversify export markets and develop new markets.

"You can not always stick to the same market. This was a mistake of some producers, who did not seek for alternatives. There were companies which sold 400,000 bottles per month,  while in the U.S. market we have not even reached the level of 100 thousand bottles. If you are afraid of wolves - do not to go into the forest [a  proverb - HN], "- said Kirvalidze.

According to the minister, after the Prime Minister appointed Zurab Abashidze as official representative on Russia, relations between the two countries have intensified.

"We know that by Gennady Onishchenko made several verbal statements on preparedness. We have also stated that we are willing to receive [Russian experts- HN], and the business has expressed its position. Then there was the question from their side whether we would not obstruct these processes. Why obstruct - to the contrary, we will do our best to help them, because the Russian market is the market where everyone wants to enter "- said Kirvalidze.

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