Monday, November 19, 2012

Agriculture Minister: Everyone will feel positive effect from Georgian products' comeback to Russia

Photo: Ministry of Agriculture   
19.11.2012 (Hvino News) If Georgian products come back to the Russian market, the positive results will be felt by everyone, said David Kirvalidze, Minister of Agriculture of Georgia,  in his interview published today by Georgian weekly Kviris Palitra.

"The Russian market will open gradually ... I know that companies wanted to export their products to Russia, but were forced to say they did not. Factors such as a new prime minister, change of government, and our repeated statements regarding desire to return to Russian market, have opened up new opportunities,"- said the Minister.

Speaking about the prospects of Georgian wine exports to Russia,  Mr. Kirvalidze stressed that the wine is of  high quality, and "it is impossible that Georgian wine, which is exported to EU, does not comply with Russia's standards." "The quality of Georgian wine has strongly improved ... The government will strictly control its quality", - concluded the minister.

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