Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Forbes": One way to measure the effectiveness of Vinexpo is the example of Georgia

23.04.2016. Vinexpo is held in Bordeaux in uneven years and with 17 exhibitions it has developed into the world’s leading show for wine and spirits professionals, as demonstrated by the increase in its attendance figures.

Last year Georgian wine took its first part at world’s important wine exhibition. Forbes published an article by Adam Morganstern about Vinexpo saying that “One way to measure the effectiveness of Vinexpo is the example of Georgia”.

“The former Soviet state has the distinction of being the world’s oldest-known wine producer, yet is little heard of in many foreign markets,” reads the article.

Vinexpo set up prime center space for a group of Georgian wineries and assisted with setting up meetings and contacts for them. Now, months later, Aleksander Chkhaidze, from Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking, looks back at the event, and see it as a great success. “It was the first visit of Georgian wineries to Bordeaux, and Vinexpo opened the door for us to European and Asian markets. The event helped create a solid basis for future partnerships. We are in talks with Canada, China and Japan. We met with many press representatives that want to write about us and help introduce Georgian wines to the world.”


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