Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Georgia to produce whiskey

08.11.2016 (Hvino News). The first Georgian whiskey is set to hit Georgian and international markets in February 2017. It will be produced by Askaneli Brothers company under Jimsher brand name.

According to company's head Jimsher (Jimmy) Chkhaidze, the whiskey  will be produced according to traditional technology using local grain.

“This whiskey, produced according to the best Scottish traditions, will be aged in Tsinandali, Saperavi and Georgian brandy oak barrels. As a result, we’ll have three types of Jimsher and it will tell the new story of this drink in Georgian accents,” said Jimsher Chkhaidze. The company has also revealed the fourth type of whiskey, finished with bourbon cask in qvevri.

The original design of bottle and label was created by Zviad Tsikolia.

"Whiskey production has long gone beyond the geographical limits of the Scottish and Irish whiskey only - American, Canadian, Japanese and other countries have produced successful brands which we know. Each of these countries does not betray the fundamental traditions of whiskey production, however, have different views on certain nuances", - explained brand manager Sophie Lomtatitdze.

Jimsher is considered to be first mass-produced whiskey in Georgia. However, earlier Hvino News published information about small-scale whiskey producer Alexander Kvernadze (Whiskey made in qvevri is patented in Georgia), and interviewed him in Russian language version of Hvino News (read here, in Russian).

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