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Natia Chkhartishvili shares Shilda's ambitious expansion plans

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05.11.2016 (Hvino News). The London's Mayfair Times magazine in its November issue published an interview with Natia Chkhartishvili focusing on Georgian wine  (click on the scan to enlarge).

Natia is known as founder of successful British jewellery brand Eshvi. Her UK-based family also owns wine and brandy production business under the Shilda brand in Kakheti, Georgia. She is daughter of Vano Chkhartishvili, former minister of  economy and MP of Georgia, who is currently considered as one of Georgia's wealthiest businessmen with estimated wealth of around $100 million.

Noticing the lack of knowledge of Georgian wine internationally, Natia and her family formed
Shilda - "a wine company that aims to help the country’s small, traditional winemakers showcase their wine globally".

Author Reyhaan Day points out that Natia wants to make Georgia – and in particular the wine region of Kakheti – a true international destination.

In her interview entitled "A Fine Vintage" she explains that a series of contemporary buildings surrounding Shilda’s vineyards, including luxury accommodation and a spa, are currently being constructed. "This will be one of the most innovative projects in the Kakheti region", - says Natia.

“We decided to construct super modern buildings which will be integrated into the vineyards. It will have the biggest wine tasting space in the whole region, with huge wine cellars, and it will also have places to stay, offering a 5-star experience".

The ambitious plan is to make Shilda the main Georgian destination for visitors. “The concept is that if a tourist comes to Georgia for one week, the main destination will be Shilda, and we can organise tours all around Georgia from there.

"Like philosopher's stone this is the process of magic transformation – vine roots absorb live energy of minerals and transform it into unique taste of Georgian wine" - reads the Shilda brand description.

Mayfair Times is a glossy magazine which positions itself as "Real stories about real people in one of the world's wealthiest communities". The recent issue is completely devoted to stories about persons from former Soviet republics.

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