Friday, November 25, 2016

Georgia banned imitation wine brand Khvanchmarauli from sales in Russia

25.11.2016 (Hvino News). Large amount of Russian-made imitation of Georgian wine was withdrawn from retail network Agora in Krasnodar (Russia), according to statement by Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia.

According to official information, in September 2016 National Wine Agency learned that Agora sold wines under labels  imitating Georgian protected wines names Khvanchkara and Kindzmarauli. Particularly, one of offered wines was labeled with name Khvanchmarauli (see photo).

As result of  concerted efforts by Georgia's Wine Agency and  Intellectual Property Center  “Sakpatenti” the wines in question were removed from retail sales.

“The fact that in 2016 Georgian protected wines names Khvanchkara and Kindzmarauli were registered by “Sakpatenti”  in Russian Federation was important. National Wine Agency keeps working on international protection of Georgian wines of protected appellation” - stated deputy of National Wine Agency Andro Aslanishvili.

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