Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Read the latest from Caucasian Journal: Armenia-Azerbajani conflict, political and business situation in Georgia, views from Israel

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CJ pays a growing attention to the Armenia-Azerbaijani conflict, publishes two interviews with international experts:  Dr. Laurence BROERS: "There won’t be Armenian-Azerbaijani Dayton"; and Dr. Andreas UMLAND on escalation of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and Russia's role.

Political and economic situation in Georgia are addressed from very different viewpoints in interviews with lawyer Zaza Bibilashvili, hotelier Valeri Chekheria, and American investor Seth Char. While Valeri CHEKHERIA is positive about "shaping new Georgia"Zaza BIBILASHVILI  assures that "democratic backsliding is evident", and Seth CHAR feels disappointed as "it’s easy to start a business in Georgia but difficult to make it work" (also available in Georgian).

Finally, two articles show the views from Israel on business and political relations with Georgia. His Excellency Ambassador Ran GIDOR notes that "We’ve been spending too much time toasting each other", while Meni BENISH of Israel-Georgian Chamber of Commerce states that his organization "can get financial support for any size of ventures" (also available in Georgian).

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