Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Record number Georgian wine companies participate in ProWine China

15.11.2016 (Hvino News) A record 30 Georgian wine companies are participating in ProWine China in Shanghai. One of largest wine fairs in in Mainland China is open on 14-16 November in Shanghai's at the SNIEC exhibition centre.

The full list of Georgian companies represented at ProWine China follows below. In addition, a Georgian Masterclass is featured in ProWine's programme. The seminar called "Premium Georgian Wine Voyage" is delivered by Debra Meiburg MW.

"Georgian wine has emerged as a key global wine trend in 2016, capturing the attention of visiting Masters of Wine, sommeliers, international media and more. 8000 continuous vintages has proved its extraordinary unique wine-making artistry & expertise. The unique wine-making philosophy & skills of Georgian is now advocated and learned by many European & American wine societies", reads the description of Georgian Masterclass at ProWine China.

Participating Georgian wine companies:
  1. Alaverdi Ltd
  2. Askaneli Brothers
  3. Badagoni
  4. Bagrationi 1882
  5. Batono Ltd
  6. Besini Company Ltd
  7. Chateau Mukhrani
  8. Corporation Georgian Wine
  9. Corporation Kindzmarauli
  10. Dugladze
  11. Georgian Hospitality Investments
  12. Georgian Wines And Spirits Company
  13. Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking
  14. Kakhuri
  15. Kakhuri Gvinis Marani
  16. Kakhuri Kvevri
  17. Kindzmarauli Marani Ltd
  18. Maranuli
  19. Palavani Ltd
  20. Qimerioni Ltd
  21. Sarajishvili
  22. Schuchmann Wines
  23. Shilda
  24. Tbilvino
  25. Telavi Wine Cellar
  26. Teliani Valley
  27. Tifliski Vini Pogreb Ltd
  28. Tsereteli Wine And Spirits
  29. Vaziani Company
  30. Winery Khareba
ProWine China is a China's leading international trade fair for wine and spirits. According to organizers,  "It assumes a key role in the wine trade – optimum conditions to serve as a gateway to China, the world‘s number one growth market". ProWine China gathers about 600 exhibitors from over 30 countries.

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