Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You can win free bottles of best Georgian wine in the new international lottery

30.11.2016 (Hvino News) As the holiday season is coming, Georgian wine business publisher Hvino News launched its “Win!Wine - magic winter wine lottery”. The lottery is international, so people from many regions of the world will have the chance to win free bottles of some best quality Georgian wines.

The winemakers, on the other hand, got a new marketing tool for attracting attention to their products. “This is especially useful for new and small winemakers, who make excellent wines but have small marketing budgets, because Win!Wine is non-commercial and completely free for everybody including the winemakers”, - said Inge Olsson from Hvino News, who is manager of the lottery project. “Even the smallest winemaker can afford to contribute a bottle of his wine as a prize to the lottery, and we will publish the label and description of his product”.

The rules of the lottery are very simple:

  • The photo of prize bottle is posted in facebook page. To enter the lottery, just write a comment to the photo of bottle. That’s all! After 7 days, the winner will be drawn randomly from people who wrote comments. (Attention: Just a “like” is not enough, you must write comment - any text in any language) 
  • Every lottery is open for certain city, for example Tbilisi or Warsaw. So you must be in this city to pick your prize yourself from a shop (it’s because sending wine by mail is restricted). No need to worry - the lotteries will be held for people in many cities and regions of the world. Just make sure you enter the lottery for your location. 
  • The prize drawing procedure will be performed online. It will be possible to see how the programme picks the winner (here is the drawing procedure: https://youtu.be/K02z10VBU88). Winner can pick the prize immediately. 
  • After the winner gets the prize, he/she is asked to take a “selfie” with the prize bottle, and to post as a final comment. 
Yesterday the first lottery was launched. The prize is a bottle of organic unfiltered Saperavi by Jakeli Wines. To participate in lottery, just write a comment to this photo: https://goo.gl/XP6K39. This lottery is for people in Tbilisi region. The readers are requested to like Hvino News page at https://www.facebook.com/hvinocom.

All the ongoing lotteries, with calendar, locations and description of prizes will be posted on special lottery page at: http://news.hvino.com/p/winwine.html.

Happy Holidays and good luck!

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