Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Savino to export first Georgian-made wine vending machines

02.11.2016 (Hvino News). "Georgian wine vending machines will be exported to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We also think of Norwegian and Czech markets too", said Savino's director Gia Tandashvili.

His company focusing on wine vending machines was  founded in 2015. Facing no competition in Georgia, Savino has placed wine vending machines at about 15 outlets across the country.

“Our equipment is in great demand. As to Georgia, currently, our vending machine sells only one variety of wine, but after the New Year our machines will sell three varieties of wine”, Tandashvili said.

The use of wine vending machines often raises concerns how to screen for underage or intoxicated customers.

For instance, in USA the customer of a wine vending machine is required to pass triple checking -  to swipe his/her driver’s license, look into the camera, and blow into the breath sensor - to get permission to buy wine from a machine.

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