Thursday, June 30, 2016

US marks June as Georgian Wine Month

30.06.2016. Georgian wine is making impression in the United States. America has launched a month-long campaign June – Georgian Wine Month where Georgian produced wine is the centre of attention (read more: June 2016 is Georgian Wine Month in USA).

Four US cities hosted a special Georgian wine tasting events where wine-lovers had the opportunity to taste an array of wines made from Georgia’s indigenous grapes. Guests were also able to compare these varieties produced in modern and traditional (qvevri) production styles.

The tasting events took place in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco and was organised by the Georgian National Wine Agency and Tastingworks, a full-service strategic wine consulting company.

Wines from 22 big and small Georgian producers were poured into glasses at the US tasting events. Each tasting was preceded by a limited-seating seminar and tutored tasting on Georgian wine and wine culture.

"Georgian wine tasting events were very successful in San Francisco as well as in New York and in Washington. Number of people gathered to taste the Georgian wine. The events had very positive resonance. At the wine testing event in San Francisco the wine professionals arrived from different states of the US,” said Lisa Granik, managing director and CEO of Tastingworks.

The first Georgian Wine Month was held in October 2015 in the US (read more: United States marks October as Georgian wine month), also organized by Tastingworks, which is a contractor company of the Georgian National Wine Agency.


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