Friday, June 24, 2016

Miquel Hudin leads Georgian wine masterclass in Spain

24.06.2016. (Hvino News) On July 2nd at Aguiló Vinateria in Falset (Tarragona, Spain) wine journalist and certified sommelier Miquel Hudin will be leading a masterclass and tasting on the wines from the country of Georgia.

Created as an overview to the viticulture and winemaking of Georgia, the class will start with the history of the region that is now known to date back 8,000 years. It will then cover the Soviet period and conclude with the current phase in promotion of the wines from the country which is focusing on the small producers of kvevri wines.

Wines to be tasted include:

  • Winiveria: Mtsvane 2014
  • Gvymarani: Mtsvane 2014
  • Nika Wine: Rkatsiteli 2014
  • KTW Velistsikhe Veranda: Rkatsiteli 2012
  • Iago’s Wine: Chinuri 2015
  • Baia’s Wine: Blend 2015 (Tsiska, Tsolikouri & Krakhuna)
  • Lagvinari: Saperavi 2011

Places are very limited so please write to info@vinologue.com to reserve beforehand.

Press release

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