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"Wine & Spirits" tasting results 2016: Crazy for qvevri

06.06.2016 (Hvino News). A year ago Hvino News reported that Wine & Spirits - one of industry's leading magazines - started to pay much more attention to Georgian wines (see
"Wine & Spirits" tasting results: Sharp increase in number of Georgian wines).

In this year's edition, Georgian winemakers are not only represented equally well with 15 wines, but Wine & Spirits also published a separate article devoted to them.

In her article "Crazy for Qvevri", the author Tara Q. Tomas is more that just educating the readers about the qvevri and the Georgia's past - she is touching the question of the future retrospectives of Georgian winemaking.

The article reads: "Yet qvevri wines are estimated to make up less than one percent of Georgia’s wine exports, and, while wines made in stainless steel and cement tanks have long been associated with Soviet-era bulk wines, a number of quality wines vinified in stainless steel are emerging, raising the question of whether qvevri is the only way forward for Georgian wine".

"Lisa Granik, a Master of Wine who has lived in Georgia, believes the qvevri question has evolved as winemakers get a better grasp on what they have in their vineyards. “Now the question is, are all of their grape varieties better in qvevri?” “What we saw,” she recalls, “is that qvevri is a great equalizer.”

While Jeff Berlin prefers to pour qvevri wines at À Côté [restaurant] in Berkeley for their unique flavor and history, he’s not about to declare that it’s the only thing the country can do. “Georgia is such a beautiful blank canvas with a whole new palette of colors,” he says, “and they should be encouraged to experiment however they can.”

For the full text, click here.

The highest rating (93) was reached by Gotsa Family Wines' Asureti Valley Chinuri 2014, suggested retail price 30 USD. See the scans for more information on other Georgian wines, which are marked in yellow (click on pictures to enlarge).

The wines were rated and described by an individual critic. Wines from 80 to 85 are recommended as good examples of their variety or region. Wines from 86 to 89 are highly recommended; from 90 to 94 are exceptional examples of their type; and 95 or higher are superlative, rare finds.

Founded in 1982, Wine & Spirits is published eight times a year and read by over 200,000 members of wine community.

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