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Results of 7th International Wine Competition in Tbilisi announced

08.06.2015 (Hvino News). The 7th International Wine Competition was held in the framework of WinExpo Georgia 2015 on June 5-6th.

The results of the Tbilisi wine competition, organized under patronage of International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), were announced yesterday at the awards ceremony. The special guest was of the event was Jean-Marie Aurand, general director of OIV.

The jury of the international wine competition was chaired by Tim Atkin MW (Great Britain). "Steep learning curve tasting Georgian wines. But loving every minute", - Tim Atkin wrote in his Twitter.

The panel included John Salvi MW (France); Adam Lechmere (Great Britain); Felicity Carter (Germany); Leslie Gevitz (USA); Giorgi Dakishvili (Georgia); Levan Mekhuzla (Georgia).

Gold and silver medals were awarded in categories such as dry white, dry red, red semi-sweet, qvevri.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Nodar Kereselidze, chairman of the National Wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili and jury members awarded the company representatives with special diplomas.

In the "dry white wine qvevri" category, gold medals were awarded to:
  • Mtsvane (company "Shalauri")
  • Rkatsiteli (company "Satsnaheli")
  • Rkatsiteli (company "Wazi +")
  • Kisi (company "Wazi +")
  • Rkatsiteli Temi (Association "Temi")
Silver medals were awarded to:
  • Khikhvi (company "Gravisi")
  • Kakhuri Mtsvane (company "Gotsa")
  • Premium Rkatsiteli (company "Manaveli")
  • Kvevris Mtsvane (company "Winery Khareba")
  • Kisi Mildiani (company "Tsinandali Old Cellar")
  • Rkatsiteli Manaveli (company "Manaveli")
In the category of "dry red wine kvevri", gold medals were awarded to:
  • Otskhanuri Sapere (company "Winery Khareba")
Silver medals were awarded to:
  • Usakhelauri (company "Gravisi")
In the category of "dry white wine" gold medals were awarded to:
  • Tsinandali (company "Besini")
  • Kakhuri ("Kakheti wine cellar")
Silver medals were awarded to:
  • Iveria Kisi 2014 ("Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking")
  • Iveria Khikhvi 2014 ("Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking")
  • Santeli Tsinandali ("Wine Man")
  • Ikalto Tsinandlai ("Wine Man")
  • Wine Man Tsinandali 2013 ("Wine Man")
  • Chardonnay Grand Reserve Company (Weingut Bernhard Koch)
  • Tsinandali ("Tbilvino")
In the category of "dry red wine" gold medals were awarded to:
  • Mukuzani ("Qimerioni")
  • Medoc (Rousseau De Sipian)
Silver medals were awarded to:
  • Saperavi ("Tbilvino")
  • Grand Reserve Pinot Noir (Weingut Bernhard Koch)
  • Mukuzani Iberiuli ("Schumi")
  • Kasris Saperavi ("Giuani")
In the category of "semi-sweet red wine" silver medals were awarded to:
  • Kindzmarauli ("Winery Khareba")
  • Kindzmarauli ("Askaneli Brothers").
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