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28 Georgian wines win 2015's Decanter World Wine Awards

16.06.2015 (Hvino News). The 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) results were officially announced.

28 Georgian wines have been awarded in this year's competition, which is lower than 35 awarded wines in 2014.

However, the quality of awards has progressed significantly compered to previous years. In 2015 Georgia had 4 Silver Awards in contrast to just one a year ago (details here).

Full list of Georgian winners follows below:

Silver Awards:
Alaverdi Monastery, Rkatsiteli 2013
Winery Khareba, Château Lipartiani 2012
Schuchmann Kindzmarauli  2014
Tbilvino Saperavi 2013

Bronze Awards:
Bagrationi Reserve Brut 2013
Château Mukhrani Goruli Mtsvane 2013
Winery Khareba Mtsvane 2014
Winery Khareba Kindzmarauli Semi-Sweet 2013
Schuchmann Akhasheni 2014
Schuchmann Mukuzani 2013
Schuchmann Mtsvane 2014
Schuchmann Saparavi 2014
Shumi Georgica Mukuzani 2013
Shumi Iberiuli 2013
Tamada Saperavi 2013
Teliani Valley Mukuzani 2013
Teliani Valley Kindzmarauli 2013
Teliani Valley Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri 2013
Teliani Valley Kisi-Mtsvane 2013
Teliani Valley Semi Sweet Tvishi 2013

Bagrationi Finest Brut 2013
Château Mukhrani Réserve Du Prince White 2012
Château Mukhrani Tavkveri Rosé 2013
Khareba Château Lipartiani White 2012
Shumi Georgica Saperavi 2013
Tbilvino Khvanchkara 2013
Tbilvino Kindzmarauli 2013

This year’s awards were judged by 240 of the world’s best palates, including 85 Masters of Wine and 23 Master Sommeliers.

DWWA chairman Steven Spurrier said, ‘Our standards are high, and so are our expectations. We only award medals to wines in which consumers can have the utmost confidence.’

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