Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Terjola Wine to export 3000 bottles to Japan

07.04.2015.  Terjola Wine Cooperative is expanding its business. Instead of 700 bottles, this year up to 3 000 bottles of wine produced by the cooperative will be exported to  Japan. The Japanese will be able to purchase a bottle of Terjola wine for $ 10.

According to Gogita Makaridze, one of the founders of the cooperative, production has increased after the cooperative was established  and the costs and  working in the vineyard reduced  at the expense of distributed liabilities among the  members of the cooperative.

Gogita Makaridze first succeeded  in the Wine Fair, where Japanese investors were interested in his family wine. According to him, due to the scarcity of land, he produced small quantity of wine, afterwards  along with the rest 6 members of the cooperative, took part in the European Union's ENPARD Programme (European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development). Terjola Wine won in the competition and  was given the necessary equipment to boost productivity.

In the future, the cooperative Terjola Wine  plans to expand vineyards, to increase  the number of cooperative members and to turn Terjola Wine into  a brand. As they say in the cooperative, they produce a bio-product which does not have any chemical additive and is completely natural.


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