Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to find Georgian wine in America: "Hvino Map" goes international

24.10.2015 (Hvino News). Three weeks ago, on Georgian Wine Day, Hvino kickstarted Hvino Map - our interactive Georgian wine mapping project. Thanks to weekly updates,  Hvino Map has already doubled the number of objects it displays. Many thanks go to our readers for submitting information and adding value to the map in real time!

Hvino Map was conceived to cover primarily the territory of Georgia. But today the map is going international. The latest update, uploaded today, includes the first portion of objects located outside of the Georgian borders. They are shops and bars in the USA, which carry Georgian wines. The first selection of Georgian wine places covers over 30 locations across the New York state; other U.S. states are to follow, with the next map's updates.

View the updated map at this link. By default, Hvino Map displays objects in Georgia, of course. The picture shows how to display objects in USA: Mover cursor to "Shops in USA" Layer, and click on the magnifying glass symbol.

Mapping Georgian wine locations outside Georgia is important, because Georgian wine is gaining popularity in many countries, including the USA, and more people need to know where they can buy it.

Interest to Georgian wines has been confirmed in the course of Georgian Wine Month in USA, which ended several days ago (read more: United States marks October as Georgian wine month). The organizers of tasting events during Georgian Wine Month stressed there was a need for people to see where they can get Georgian wine. "People ask me all the time where they can buy good Georgian wine", - told the project director.

Since its launch just 20 days ago, Hvino Map has received a wide press coverage, especially in the mass medias of the former Soviet republics (for example: "Business Georgia", Georgia; "VP.by", Belarus; "FOOD.UA", Ukraine; "Black Sea News", Russia; "Eurowine", Ukraine).

Hvino Map is the first interactive online map of Georgian wine locations, based on user-submitted content.

Hvino welcomes new submissions, which are checked and uploaded to the Hvino Map every weekend. It is easy to add an object to our map - just find the correct location on map and click on it. Readers who are interested in adding new objects may find detailed instructions here.

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