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Wine market in Georgia

24.12.2014. The winemaking trade is driven by seasonal factors. Over 50% of the produced wines are recorded in the fourth quarter. Hence, it is not expedient to analyze quarter indicators. According to the 2013 declared indicators, Georgia produced 183381 tons of wine (including households wines), up 12.6% compared to the 2012 indicators.

The ratio of household wines made up 71.2% in 2013. The figure stood at 74.3% in 2012.

In 2013 about 170 winemaking companies used to operate in Georgia. JSC Telavi Wine Cellar ranked first in terms of turnover, JSC TbilVino was second and other companies ranked as follows:

Ten Top Winemaking Companies  2013

Annual Turnover

In 2013 LLC Megvineoba [Winery - HN] Khareba and LLC Badagoni were leaders in terms of number of employed individuals. In 2013 JSC Telavi Wine Cellar ranked first in terms of turnover, but third in terms of number of employed individuals:

Ten Top Winemaking Companies due to Average Annual

Number of the Employed in 2013:


According to GeoStat, the National Statistics Office of Georgia, in 2013 household bodies consumed 79.8 thousands tons of wine, down 6.8% year on year. In 2013 annual wine consumption per household unit marked 78.1 liters and per capita – 21.7 liters. The figures are down compared to the 2012 indicators.

Foreign Trade (Exports/Imports)

Georgian wines exports saw significant downturn in 2006 after the Russian Federation introduced economic embargo against Georgia. In 2005 to 2012, unfortunately, Georgia could not diversity international wine markets. Considerable failure was registered in 2007 to 2010, while in 2012 Georgian wine exports constituted only 2/3 of the 2005 exports.

In 2013 Georgia exported 35 906 tons of wines worth 128 million USD to 47 countries after the Russia embargo removal, up twice in value and up 77.6% in volume. Russia and Ukraine recorded 70.7% in Georgia’s total wine exports.

Rating of Georgian Wines Exports Markets:

In 2013 Georgia ranked 21st worldwide in terms of wine exports volume and emerged behind 20th Moldova.

As to imports, Georgia imported 273.7 tons of wines worth 2 million USD from 18 countries, up 49.3% in value and up 7.6% in volume compared to the 2012 indicators. Russia, France and Italy recorded 77.4% in Georgia’s total wines imports.

The rating of Ten Top Wine Imports Countries for Georgia:

The reports show Georgia’s 2013 wine exports exceed the imports about 131 times. Consequently, Georgia’s wines foreign trade balance is positive (active).

Average Prices and Indexes

According to GeoStat, in September 2014 an average retail market price per liter of tap wine marked 2.88 GEL, while the average price of bottled wines in 0.75 liter containers constituted 10.5 GEL. The average price of tap wine has increased by 0.08 GEL month on month and by 0.22 GEL year on year, while the average retail market price of bottled wines declined by 0.18 GEL month on month and rose by 0.89 GEL year on year.

Indexes of Georgia’s wine consumer prices:

International Comparisons


As reported, Russia emerges as Georgia’s main trade partner in wines foreign trade with 43.2% ratio in Georgia’s 2013 wine exports.

In 2013 about 50 countries exported wines to Russia, including Lithuania ranked first in wine exports to Russia with an 18% ratio. Ukraine (14%), Italy (10%), South Africa (9%), Spain (7%), Moldova (6%), Chile (4%) and Argentina (3.6%) were also recorded as Russia’s main wine supplier countries.


According to the 2013 declared indicators, Ukraine ranks second in Georgia’s wine exports with a 27.8% ratio. Georgia is reported to be Ukraine’s major wine importer country with about 29% ratio in Ukraine’s total wine imports.

In 2013 about 36 countries exported wines to Ukraine, including Moldova ranked second after Georgia with 25% ratio and Italy was third with 14% ratio. Chile was recorded fourth with 7% ratio, France is fifth with 6%, Spain is sixth with 4%, Poland is seventh with 4% and Germany is eighth with 3%.

Germany and France supply wines to Ukraine at comparatively higher prices. The lowest prices are reported from Moldova among the eight main wine supplier countries to Ukraine.

It should be also noted prices of Georgian wines exported to Ukraine are lower by about 14% compared to the wines exported to Russia.


Georgia exports 9.8% of wines to Kazakhstan that is reported to be ranking third among Georgian wines exports markets.

In 2013 about 28 countries exported wines to Kazakhstan, including Moldova was reported as a major supplier with a 56% ratio. Georgian ranked second with a 28% ratio.

The price of Georgia-exported wines to Kazakhstan marked 4 USD per liter, while Moldova exports a liter of wine at about 2 USD.

In 2013 Georgia exported 257.2 tons of wines to Germany that is 0.7% in Georgia’s total wine exports.

In 2013 about 60 counties exported wines to Germany, including Italy, Spain and France shared the first three places respectively and their ratio in Germany’s total wine imports marked about 76%. Georgia ranks only 33rd.


The ratio of Belarus in Georgia’s total wine exports marked 6.4%. The country ranks fourth among Georgia’s wine exports markets.

In 2013 about 25 countries exported wines to Belarus. Moldova was reported as a major supplier with 61.8% ratio in Belarus’ total wine imports. Georgia ranked second with 10.2% in Belarus wine imports.

Georgia exported one liter of wine at 2.9 USD to Belarus, while Moldova exports price marked about 0.9 USD.

Georgian exports wines prices for Belarus are higher by 0.8 USD compared to Germany, by 1 USD compared to Italy, by 1,6 USD compared to Spain. At the same time, Georgian exports wines are cheaper in Belarus compared to Lithuania, Latvia, France and Argentinean wines.


The ratio of Poland in Georgia’s total wine exports accounts for 2.7%. Consequently, Poland ranks fifth among Georgia’s wine exports markets.

In 2013 about 45 countries exported wines to Poland and Germany ranked first with 23.3% ratio. Italy (13.9%), France (13.2%), Spain (9.8%), the USA (6.6%) and Portugal (6.5%) are also recorded as leaders in wine exports to Poland. Georgia ranks only 14th with 1.1% ratio.

Georgia exports one liter of wine at 3.3 USD to Poland, while other countries export wine to Poland at lower prices, including Germany – 3 USD on average, Italy – 2.9 USD, Spain – 2.3 USD, the USA – 2.3 USD, Hungary – 1.9 USD, Moldova – 1.7 USD.

The highest exports price is registered in the Netherlands – 4.7 USD.


Georgia exports 1.7% of wines to Latvia. Consequently, Latvia ranks 7th among Georgia’s wine exports markets.

In 2013 about 35 counties exported wines to Latvia, including France and Italy as major suppliers recorded 53.65 ratio in total wines exports to Latvia. Spain recorded 11.3% ratio and Germany 5.6% ratio in wine exports to Latvia.

Georgia ranks 12th with a 1.7% ratio.


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