Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Georgian winemakers expand export geography

17.12.2014 (Hvino News). In 2015, Georgian wine companies plan to expand their sales markets, according to a review published by Georgian Kommersant.

According to George Margvelashvili, CEO at Tbilvino, in the coming year the company for the first time will begin exporting to Australia, Panama, and Cuba.

In his words, a forecast concerning Russian market is adverse due to the economic crisis in Russia.

"Russia accounts for only 25% of our company’s exports, so we are not dependent on the Russian market. With regard to the European Union, it is a stable market but we do not have a particular sales growth in Europe. In the long term this is a very serious market, but at this stage we do not expect growth, "- he says.

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking company representative says  they started successfully export to Thailand, and in 2015 it is planned to start exporting to another Asian country, although they did not specify to which.

Marani Khetsuriani company says that in 2015 it is planned primarily to increase sales of wine in the local market as well as exports to the EU, Asia, and Russia.

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