Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grape harvest 2015: 30,477 tonnes of grapes generate 17.45m GEL for farmers

22.09.2015. The 2015 grape harvest is in full swing in Georgia’s nine wine-producing villages where a total of 30,477 tonnes of grapes has been picked so far.

By selling this yield, farmers generated a collective income of more than 17.45 million GEL, and this year’s harvest is not over yet.

Georgia’s National Wine Agency announced most grapes were picked in Gurjaani (about 8,700 tonnes), in Kvareli (about 6,600 tonnes) and in Telavi (about 4,400 tonnes).

An additional five tonnes of grapes had been processed in Kvareli, Signagi, Sagarejo, Ambrolauri, Akhmeta, Gurjaani, Dedoplistskaro, Lagodekhi and Telavi – all located in Georgia’s wine region Kakheti.

Of the different grape varieties in Georgia, the Saperavi variety was vastly harvested. Already this season 12,877 tonnes of Saperavi grapes were picked, worth about 8.1 million GEL. The next most popular grape variety to be picked was Rkatsiteli grapes where 11,509 tonnes were picked, worth about 7,7 million GEL, followed by Kakhuri Mtsvane grape variety, where 1,261 tonnes were picked, worth about 480,744 GEL.

The remaining 4,705 tonnes of harvested grapes, worth about 1 million GEL, was mix of other grape varieties.

The Aleksandroul-Mujuretuli grape variety has not been harvested yet.

In total 60 wine producing companies were involved in grape processing works in Kakheti including 14 wine enterprises that were hired by the state.

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