Monday, September 14, 2015

Georgian wine from a German perspective

14.09.2015. (Hvino News) Last month German radio and online resource Deutschlandfunk featured significant reports on Georgian wine, prepared by freelance journalist Andrea Rehmsmeier. The original publications (in German) may be found here: Winzer in Georgien: Fluch und Segen des europäischen MarktesAlter Wein in neuen Flaschen – Georgiens Winzer zwischen Tradition und europäischer Perspektive

Georgian Interpressnews agency has interviewed Andrea Rehmsmeier. She noted that "still exists a stereotype of wine from Georgia being a semi-sweet and cheap beverage, not unlike the wines that were sold in the former Soviet Union, with taste very different from the dry wines that Western Europeans generally prefer."

Talking about competitiveness of Georgian wine in EU, the German journalist said: "Pricing your wine properly might be a problem, however. Competition in our discount stores’ wine segments is simply ruinous - one can find cheap white wine there for as little as 3 euros. And names of Georgian wines are complicated to pronounce and remember for us, so your producers are going to need a special marketing strategy if they want to make it".

Deutschlandfunk is a German public broadcasting radio station, broadcasting national news and current affairs.

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