Monday, July 7, 2014

Red grapes not to be subsidized

07.07.2014. Red grapes will not be subsidized by the state in the frame of "Vintage 2014". The National Wine Agency carries out regulation of viticulture and wine-making industry and the analysis conducted by the Agency shows that the demand on red grapes exceeds the supply," - the Agency states.

According to the Agency, the current conjuncture - export potential, projected sales and projected yield - gives the state the opportunity to get out of the subsidy scheme of red grape without creating any extra motivation in the sector in such a way in order not to cause any negative developments in the field.

According to the Agency’s forecast, compared with last year grape harvest has increased – by preliminary estimates by about 20-30 percent. They say, in 2013 150 thousand tons were harvested, of which 94 thousand tons were industrially processed.

"As for white grapes, a subsidy scheme similar to last year’s will be maintained, but a subsidy for 1 kg of grapes is slightly reduced, " - the Agency states, however, does not specify the amount of the subsidy.

In addition, the Agency notes that wine companies will be able to receive preferential credits in 2014 as well. As for the financial details of the subsidy, the government will take a decision in the coming weeks.


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