Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dugladze Wine Company comments on donation to "Georgian Dream"

01.07.2014 (Hvino News). Dugladze Wine Company's representative commented on money donated to “Georgian Dream" (currently the ruling political coalition) during a pre-election period. On June 20, Dugladze Wine Company and Geospirtprom  donated 20 000 GEL each to the “Georgian Dream”.

According to the State Audit Monitoring Service, that was violation of the law prohibiting donations from the citizens of foreign countries. See also Georgian Dream returns donation to wine producer.

According to the company's chief financial officer, George Maisuradze, a Russian citizen, who has a minor share in this business, is one of the company’s partners. In his words, he is a student of Russia, who  took up this  country's citizenship a few months ago in order to study in the Russian Federation.

"As it turned out, in this case the company did not have the right of funding political entity, and we, of course, obeyed the law," - he said.

As for the company's decision to fund "Georgian Dream", Maisuradze claims that it was the company's good will and it did not expect any benefits from the decision. CFO could not recall whether the company’s management had made  the same kind of decisions on other political parties in recent years.

Based on the the State Audit Monitoring Service’s letter, the coalition gave the donated money back to Dugladze Wine Company and Geospirtprom.

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