Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wine shopping at Hvino News website

A frequent question to Hvino News from readers has been how to purchase Georgian wine from outside Georgia, if it's not available from local shops. Readers have also reported that the best quality wines are hard to find. "It is almost impossible to get good Georgian wine in Germany. Only awful private labels in "Russian shops", - noted our reader.

To meet the requests of our international readership, Hvino News decided to add shopping service to our website.  We have even conducted a poll among facebook subscribers, asking if wine shopping would be a useful addition to Hvino News. Almost everybody voted that such service "would be very useful and demanded". 

Today we are glad to open this service. You may find it at new tab "Wine Shop" in main menu! 

Wine Shop adds new convenience to readers of Hvino News. It will list wines from reliable pre-selected  suppliers of Georgian wine, based in different countries. To save time and money, the reader in Europe can order wine from a store in EU. Soon we will add partner suppliers in America and Asia as well, who will deliver orders without additional overseas charges. 

If you want to taste real Georgian wine, try our new service. If you run a web shop and want to become partner of our Virtial Marani™, you are welcome to contact us. Our wine shop is in beta version, so all comments and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

You may also be interested in checking our online store, which offers unique merchandise with logos "I love Georgian Wine" and "In hVino Veritas" by Hvino's designer. 

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