Friday, September 7, 2012

"Khvanchkara Scandal": Who tries to undermine the image of Georgian wine in the United States?

07.09.2012 (Hvino News) Photos of "Khvanchkara" wine acquired in the United States recently appeared in the social networks. The photos clearly demonstrate the poor quality of wine, as reported by Business Georgia web portal and radio Commersant.

"The wine purchased in New Jersey has a strong smell of vinegar, and a murky brownish color, it leaves a residue of unknown origin. I could not find contact information for the company that produced this wine. Maybe you can figure it out? The label says that wine was produced in Georgia. Was it? "- asked the consumer, who paid $16 for the wine.

According to the label the manufacturing company is "Grammy Collection", of which the large Georgian wine companies  have never heard. Grammy Collection does not appear in the Ministry of Agriculture's list of companies exporting to America.

Irakli Gvaladze, director of Sakpatenti (The National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia) was the only person who knew about existence of “Grammy Collection”. According to Mr.Gvaladze, the information about the this low quality product was sent to his agency. Gvaladze says this fact is likely a matter of unhealthy competition, because it’s very difficult to sell low quality product in American shops, as lots of certificates are requested there.

According to Zurab Ramazashvili of Telavi Wine Cellar, which also exports wine to the U.S., such cases spoil the image of Georgian wine in America.

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  1. Here is the information on the importer:
    Phone Number: (516) 564-5600
    Fax Number: (516) 223-1167


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