Thursday, September 20, 2012

Georgia Today: Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest is growing!

Georgia Today, a leading English-language newspaper based in Tbilisi, published an article about our Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest in last week's edition.

The article - entitled  "Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest is growing!" - starts with paragraph:
The voting is well underway at first Miss Georgian Wine Photo Contest. Everyone is invited to vote - simply by "liking" the photos on Facebook page.
But Miss Georgian Wine Contest is also still open to new entries! So, you may not only vote, but submit your photo. If you are a woman, of course, and if your work is related to Georgian wine...  (full text here)
Many thanks to Georgia Today for covering Miss Georgian Wine. Hvino News is honored to have Georgia Today as media partner of our project, and hopes that together we will make it much more popular.

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