Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is your favorite Georgian wine? Poll's first results

About two weeks ago Hvino News started a poll by asking a simple question to our Facebook followers: What is your favorite Georgian wine? The poll's current results are summarized below.

Unsurprisingly, the leader is Saperavi. Some people gave specific brand names, so the leading one is Satrapezo Saperavi by Marani. It is followed by Mtsvane by Kindzmarauli Marani and Kindzmarauli by Wine Man - they have equal scores.  Other top brands, with with a minimum gap, are Winery Khareba's Tsitska and Chateau Mukrani's Goruli Mtsvane.

Sadly enough, there was a person who answered paradoxically:  Georgian wine is nonsense. Apparently there are many people who know nothing about today's wines of Georgia. Which means we are doing useful work of educating people about Georgia and its signature product.

By the way, this poll is not over: it will remain open for the time being, so everyone is welcome to contribute more answers here. The poll can also be easily found in our site's newest section called Plus! - see the far right tab above. 

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