Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make peace, drink Georgian wine

01.04.2017 (Hvino News). Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been seen together at a private wine tasting event at New York's Four Seasons Hotel.

On the photo leaked to the media through WikiLeaks, the former presidential campaign rivals are having a peaceful small talk, drinking what appears to be orange wine.

The wine is apparently Georgian rkatsiteli qvevri wine because it is the only orange wine listed in the wine tasting, according to official website of the Sommelier Society of America. Orange (amber) wines became fashionable at top-level social events on both sides of Atlantic in recent years.

Neither  Hillary Clinton nor  Donald Trump are new to Georgian wines, as both political leaders have visited Georgia in the recent past.

Hillary Clinton was reported as a fan of Georgian wine (read more: Hillary Clinton’s favorite Georgian wine costs 600 GEL). Donald Trump visited Tbilisi and Batumi in April 2012 to expand his global real estate empire."The country of Georgia is a small wonder,” – said Mr. Trump, - "It's one of the really amazing places in the world right now.”

Will Georgian wine make former rivals friends again?

© Hvino News. The photograph is posted as it is without proof of authenticity.

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  1. Happy April Fool's Day, yes. Just bear in mind that many Trump supporters believe everything that they read online, they love fiction and lies and call the REAL news the fake news...so be careful with what you do! Gaumarjos.


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