Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Georgian-French wine research center to open at Lisi lake

05.04.2017. Construction of Georgian-French Wine Technologies Research-Training Center will be finished in about 3 months.

Ramaz Krichinashvili, Zearis company director and one of the authors of the project, noted that the project is being implemented by Georgian-American investments on 5 000 square meter space. The four-storied building repeats the design of the Dadianis Palace in Zugdidi.

“Construction works started on the territory about 10 days ago. The center will have several functions, including research of wine and grapes varieties. We will also have wine cellar. We also plan to build a hotel. Moreover, for popularizing sulfur water, we will arrange sulfur water pool too”, Krichinashvili said.

After the project completion, 100-150 citizens will be employed, he said.

Along with Zearis company, American investor Leonid Schuster is one of the authors of the project. Another Georgian company Happy House also participates in the project implementation.

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